Belles Lettres in a world of Mal Mots

Monday, October 31, 2005

Scalito, as some have dubbed new supreme court justice nominee Alito, has democrats running scared. You know those of the great and abominable party are wetting their pants when they're actually considering a filibuster to stop this nomination. So has Bush won back those ultra- and less-than-ultra-conservatives with this new nomination? Sounds like he's making the effort, which is a lot in my book. Even the republicans who didn't like his last nomination, so obviously a middle-liner effort to appease both parties, will appreciate this new step (and made just in time to save some of his reputation). Now the Bush I know and love shows his colors, nominating a staunch conservative to judgeship, a conservative openly against abortion and not ashamed of it. A conservative who can possibly stay the tide of liberal offal in our highest court. So go Bush!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Have the republicans in power begun to run off their Braves? And if so, what can (and should) they do? I can spout Platform politics and philisopical staunchness, but what happens when faith is finally shaken? How bad does an administration have to become? More on this later....

Friday, October 07, 2005

Today's subject came to me in a dream. There I was, sitting in a Lit class, minding my own business, as my liberal teacher was droning on. Suddenly we start discussing a story about an old Arab man and a sword, and an inheritence. Point of story-- inheriting money bad! Suddenly the teacher bangs the table, and asks me what I think. What I think is that my teacher is a self-professed liberal, and has the power of the Grade. But, being me, I start a rant about inherited wealth and the rights of any free person to amass wealth and distribute it to his/her progeny. Why else work and build capital? Why else exist! To empower one's children and children's children is a God-given right (despite some politicians' effort to punish and restrtict such notions)! So...after this rant, the teacher turns red, and is casting me the look of death. Then she jumps up, grabs a roll of Halloween crepe ribbon, and pulls it down the center of the clasrroom. I look about and find I am the only one on my side of the ribbon. So the teacher says anyone who agrees with me should go to my side. It is a large class. Only two girls trickle over. But I've stood my point, after all. So that dream inspired today's blog; the liberals are waging a war against inherited wealth! They hate the idea of one individual having so much, and then seeing to it that only certain other individuals keep it. Of course the liberals hate it! It is the antithesis of socialism! Oooohhhh, they whine, how will the community benefit from inherited wealth? How will all the poor welfare zombies draining the government coffers and suckling the government teat get their fair share? To those liberals, and those teat-sucking zombies, I say Bless Personal Property! Bless Inherited Wealth! Bless the freedom (semi-freedom, as punitive legistlation is still in effect) to pass property to progeny!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Anticlimactic...So there's not much news to report--the hurricane moved east of us and all we got was a little wind and a little piddling rain. Not that I'm dissapointed we didn't get blown off the map but...come on. All that build up for a summer shower? The real disaster in this area happened on the highways. Old people collapsing, families suffering in record-breaking heat. The refugees were victims of I-45, not Rita. Though Friday morning dawned bright and clear, the highways were packed and cars were running out of fuel and panic ran rampant. I know some people who went out to I-45 (though they were not allowed on because the exits/entrances were blocked to create a continuous escape route) and brought food and water to the highway refugees. Yes, this all happened before Rita hit. By the time Rita decided to come on land (again, safely to the east of us), the highways were cleared out but the damage was done. It's Wednesday today and schools just re-opened, gas stations are getting back online with fuel, and restaurants and stores are opening up. Now we're experiencing rolling blackouts because the heat remains almost fatal and everyone is cranking up their power. All the wreckage I can see has come from people, not nature. Now...since there is not much more to report about Rita, let's turn to the heat. What's up with the heat? Almost October, and we're tipping the mercury in the low 100s! As there is nothing I can do to change the weather, the rant will end here.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Here Comes Rita! It's interesting how people react when disaster is racing toward them at 170 MPH. Some take it slow, some go hysterical, some (and you know who you are) declare that you will never leave your house and then simply batten down the hatches. Conroe is in the midst of the madness, and it's only going to get worse. The major thouroughfare through town, I-45, has been bumper-to-bumber since yesterday. Since I-45 runs right up from Galveston, through Houston, past Conroe, almost everyone has to use it to flee. Some have been on the road for 14 hours, still stuck in traffic and not moving. I've personally seen hundreds of cars pulled over on the shoulder and people literally camping out. It's beginning to look like some of the images out of New Orleans (that's right, and the hurricane hasn't even hit yet!) But Texans are taking this threat seriously, thanks to New Orleans. Finally this morning (and here's where Texas local gov is shining), TXDOT (texas dep. of transportation) delcared the highway contraflow, and began closing the southbound lanes and feeders. Now there is no more southbound I-45. How long will this last I don't know. I'll be taking the backroads home today. Schools and colleges are closed, businesses are shutting down--signs are popping up everywhere that Rita is soon to come. Like Santa but evil. The lines at the gas stations are so long they're blocking traffic along some roads in town--that is, gas stations that still have gas. I tried finding a gas station with gas yesterday afternoon and not one station along the highway had anything left. When I finally did find a little place on a backroad, they were limiting gas purchases to $25. The heat is supposed to be high today. Those people pulled over and conserving gas by leaving their engines off are going suffer. I've already heard reports of old people fainting from the heat. And Rita is still a day and a half off. So the chronicles of Hurricane Rita continue...I'll keep you all updated--better than FOX news, huh?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ok, so I'm listening to BBC today (I like to hear both sides) and suddenly they're devoting at least an hour to the war on poverty in America; blaming, of course, the white people and general racism. The question arose (obviously very early in this liberal diatribe) why the majority of the poor are black. The statistics don't lie. The average poverty-level black household works an average of 16 hours a week. 16 Hours. If this average was brough up to fourty hours (the hours worked by productive members of society), bye bye poverty. The problem arising, so the experts ranted, is that black people aren't getting properly educated, thus they can not fill jobs requiring skills and/or education. Here's the blaring whole in that argument; there are plenty of jobs for unskilled workers. Laborers, etc. But the blacks don't want to get their hands dirty. Fourty hours at McDonalds? They rather suckle the government teat. So I say, when the blacks are ready to work...poverty problem solved.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Media Opp. or National Disaster?

Now that things are really getting low in New Orleans (and I'm not just referring to the water level), I notice the liberal and hollywood elite moving en mass to the site of wreckage. Is this a national disaster or an opportunity for media coverage for the already over-exposed liberals who enjoy parading themselves before the public? Under the guise of helpful citizen, these attention-hounds flock to free publicity like flies to sh...t. "Look at us" they scream with their 'round-the-clock personal camera crews and make-up guys. As if they don't get enough attention doing what they do best (or not so best), they're drawn to scenes of horror and destruction, fervently hoping for a ripe photo and the opportunity to unload their liberal propoganda. I see them popping up at any event rife with news coverage, vultures wheeling... Maybe I'd believe their motives were altruistic if they didn't come attached to political rhetoric and mis-placed jibes at the presidency! I tremble to think what these choice individuals would do if there were no natural disasters, disease, poverty or wars to keep them in the spotlight. There's a word for those that feed on the destruction of others...parasites.